2024 Competition Schedules available June/July

Our competitions are the heart and soul of the Royal Geelong Show.


The Homecraft section is one of the more traditional aspects of our Show and gives our talented locals a chance to display their skills.

Homecraft offers a vast array of classes for exhibitors in Cookery, Arts and Crafts, Horticulture, Woodwork, Photography, and Woolcraft.

Competitions are open for the experienced and the novice, with specific classes for Men’s Cookery, and Special Needs exhibitors. The children have a large selection of choice in the Junior Homecraft competitions.


The Geelong & District Poultry Club has been a part of the Royal Geelong Agricultural and Pastoral Society Inc. for 60 years.

Various breeds of birds are exhibited at the Show including Hard Feather, Soft Feather, Waterfowl and Geese. In 2023 we will be awarding special prizes to the Humble Backyard Chicken.

With increasing entries, the Geelong & District Poultry Club put on a great display of the various poultry breeds. The Poultry exhibitors provide an educational experience within their shed with a display of chickens and are always on hand to discuss their birds with the public passing through the pavilion.


The Sheep section offers a fantastic exhibition of the sheep industry all in one pavilion.

Competitions are held for Stud Sheep, Shearing, Blade Shearing, Fleece and Woolcraft.

The central location of Geelong attracts exhibitors from all over Victoria and often interstate.


Our four-day event provides the opportunity to showcase dairy and beef cattle.

The Royal Geelong Show attracts Dairy Cattle exhibitors from all over Victoria. Competitors can exhibit in a full schedule of in milk and dry classes. The Junior Dairy Classic and Interbreed classes are strongly contested with entries growing each year.

The Beef Cattle feature events combine many breeds attracting exhibitors from far and wide. The Junior Beef Classic was added to our Show in 2017 and is set to be a highlight of the event each year.


Fodder is one of the original competitions at Agricultural Shows.

The Fodder competition compares the quality of pastures and crops at the farm. The Judge visits the farms to view the standing crops in the paddocks and awarding points against set criteria.

Samples of the fodder are displayed in the Hall of Agriculture. Award winning examples of grazing pastures, several types of harvested fodder, including canola, wheat, oats, barley, and lentils are displayed.

The competitions and displays proudly showcase the best produce from farms in the districts surrounding Geelong.


Our Woolcraft section compliments the Sheep section with displays and demonstrations of spinning, weaving, felting and knitting.

These techniques demonstrate the processes from the sheep’s back to the finished product. The Woolcraft section prides itself on the hands-on opportunities for children and adults to experience the wonders of wool.


Our Royal Show status attracts Horse exhibitors from far and wide.

The Horse Section of the Royal Geelong Show offers a full schedule of events for our equestrian competitors.

The Grand National Qualifying classes also attract top level show horses with success in those events earning them a ticket to the largest show horse extravaganza in the country.

Schools' Competitions

Schools’ competitions are a great incentive for local schoolsto get involved with the Royal Geelong Show.

The School Bands competition provides our young musicians with the invaluable experience of a public performance. The competition covers many forms of musical genre, from the classical concert band, through to jazz, rock and modern musical themes.

The Education pavilion becomes a hive of activity from the Monday before the event with set up and judging throughout the week. Primary schools from around the region put together magical displays of artwork, art and scarecrows. Art teachers do an amazing job facilitating the children’s entries

Contact the office on 5221 1707 for further details.

Vintage Machinery

The Vintage Machinery section of the Society was founded in 1970, showcasing a working machinery display demonstrating the methods of early farming and industry in Australia.

The Vintage Machinery section meets weekly throughout the year with showtime giving them the opportunity to put their work on display. The display of tractors, stationary engines, equipment and tools demonstrate the methods of early agriculture from Geelong and surrounding districts.

Some of the unique items include a working chaff cutter, grain crusher and water pumps. The newly renovated boiler will drive any piece of equipment within the Vintage Section that requires steam, another feature is the 1950 marine ship engine that came off a dredger from the Melbourne Harbour Trust.


Woodchop is a sport with its origins in early farming practices where timber was felled for many reasons.

Timber was used for the construction of farmhouses, buildings and fencing, or the clearing of land for development of pastures, raising animals or the growing of crops.

Large amounts of timber were also used to construct the wharves needed to export agricultural products like grain and wool.

Today’s competitors show their old-time axe skills cutting different logs, cross cut sawing logs and using three boards to climb a tree and fell it.

Miniature Goats

The Miniature Goats Association will be presenting an incredible display of mini goats for the 2024 Show.

Australian Miniature Goats are small in stature and big in personality and have been around for over 20 years and gained their popularity through dedicated breeders promotion and their responsive and irresistible personalities. There will also be some beautiful pygmy goats, they are distinctive and quickly becoming a popular breed.

Expect a great display where you can come down and watch the antics of these quirky animals on Sunday the 20th of October.


The Alpaca Parader competitions are organised by members of the Australian Alpaca Association each year in the Sheep Pavilion.

Competitors are required to lead their nominated alpaca through a series of challenges across a course. These challenges simulate day-to-day handling of alpacas on farm, school or public settings. They must show safe handling skills and a good relationship with their alpaca.

How to enter

  1. Read the schedule for your chosen section carefully, including the regulations.
  2. Choose the categories that you would like to enter.
  3. Decide if you are going to enter online or in hard copy.
    • For online entries, follow the links below to Showday or Event Secretary (horses only). Create an account and select the categories that you would like to enter.
    • For paper based entries, print an entry form, complete and send it to our office OR drop it in during business hours.
  4. If you would like any assistance contact our staff on 52211707 during business hours.
  5. Once entries for your section have closed, you will receive your confirmation information and any items required for your entries (such as tags and labels) in the post.


Entry Closing Dates

  • Budgies: TBC
  • Cattle (Beef & Dairy): 1st¬†October 2024
  • Dogs: TBC
  • Fleece: 11th¬†October 2024
  • Fodder & Pasture: 5pm, 16th¬†October
  • Homecraft: 1st¬†September
  • Horses: Flat Events 26th¬†August
  • Horses ‚Äď Showjumping 23rd¬†September
  • Horticulture: 27th¬†September 2024
  • Miniature Goats: Display only
  • Pigeons:¬†TBC
  • Poultry: TBC
  • Shearing: 8pm, 17th¬†October 2024
  • Stud Sheep: 17th¬†September 2024

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