About Us

Founded in 1855, the Royal Geelong Agricultural & Pastoral Society Inc. is a non for profit organisation supported by a volunteer community base of 63 Councillors and over 100 Co-opted members.

The Society’s mission is to encourage and promote excellence in Agriculture, Business, Cultural and Community activities in the Geelong region.

The society holds the Royal Geelong Show, Geelong Classic Truck and Machinery Show and the Inter-School Horse Competition annually at their home, the Geelong Showgrounds.

2017 Office Bearers

President: Mrs Sheree Seiffert
Past President: Mr Stuart Larcombe
Vice Presidents: Mr Tom McCann, Mr Don McDonald, Mr Noel Larcombe
Treasurer: Mr. J Stray


JS Anderson Mrs Isla Adamson M Cameron I ER Cuttler MW Leigh
B Lincoln LN Riley J Hill LJ McCallum RJ Robb AM
D Baker WS McCann ES Stephens D M Cutler NR Larcombe
GJ Mann J Stray GP Peach TG Warren
 K Wallace
L Harding S Lloyd K Rogers RC Anderson D Harper
D Mann P Seiffert J Birrell W Hellebrand Stuart Larcombe
D Selvidge M Hunt D McDonald R Thompson L Braybrook
B Johansson K Mears G Tomkins P Cleary P Keays
S Moore Mrs P Tyler L Cropley B Keirl B Morrison
S Wilhelms J Frisch N Kelly S Needham S Worland
V Gee R Larcombe Ms J Parker Mrs L McCann P Little
C Quirke T McCann MA Scott B Lugg Ms A Reynolds