Team D-MAX

Australia’s longest running and most famous precision driving team will be appearing at the 2016 Geelong Show on the 15th and 16th of October.

“It’s been three years since our switch to Isuzu D-MAX’s and we’re blown away by their toughness and performance.” said Team D-MAX lead driver Jack Monkhouse.

2 wheeling Toyo

Team D-MAX travels throughout Australia and performs in front of millions of people each year at a variety of events from agricultural shows and motorsport events to 4WD, caravan and camping shows. The performance routine varies from show to show but typically includes a combination of close formation driving, high speed drifts, slides and spins, handbrake turns, reverse flicks, cross-over manoeuvres, jumping vehicles over each other and even driving a D-MAX on two wheels.

Team D-MAX’s lead driver Jack Monkhouse said “throughout the team’s 47-year history we have driven a range of vehicles from different manufacturers. When we switched to Isuzu in 2013 we were all very excited! They’ve got a great track record of reliability and durability, especially in events like the Dakar Rally and Australasian Safari and since entering the Australian market in 2008 Isuzu UTE Australia continues to be one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and has now sold over 60,000 vehicles.

Surprisingly, the team’s vehicles are actually fairly close to standard in terms of specification. They have roll cages, racing seats and harnesses for added safety as well as rally-style handbrake controls and some minor mechanical modifications to the suspension.

Monkhouse added “The most important performance and safety modification we make to the vehicles is actually the tyres. Toyo’s Open Country tyres give us the grip we need on all sorts of different surfaces and are the ultimate in terms of toughness and puncture resistance. We jump the cars on these tyres and even drive them on two wheels!”

Ramp Jump Toyo’s been a few years since we’ve performed in Geelong. It will be great to make a pit stop and show the locals some high octane, hair raising fun. Generally we find the kids love the shows the most but somehow our show turns adults into big kids too!”